Vegas Pools

The Venetian Pool  

Visit This Idyllic Las Vegas Hotel Pool For Fun in the Sun

In keeping with the rest of its spectacular setting, the pools at The Venetian are idyllic. Set in five acres and located on the 4th floor of the hotel, the pool desk is designed for recreation and relaxation – blending quiter sun bathing spots with lively pools, a cocktail service, Wolfgang Puck restaurant and the luxurious TAO Beach pool party every during the summer months.

Four outdoor pavilion beds can be reserved on the day, while you can book any of the pool areas 23 luxury cabanas in advance to secure your sunbathing seclusion. Cabanas are designed to accommodate eight people and are equipped with many of the same amenities as you’d expect in a Las Vegas hotel pool cabana of this stature – cordless phone, flat panel TV, newspapers and magazines, fully stocked refrigerator, fruit platter and complimentary beverages. A poolside massage service can also be requested.

The Venetian pool desk is open all day until 5.00pm.