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Beatle Mania sweeps Las Vegas is the essence of the Revolution Lounge. Looking back to the high profile revolutionary era of the Beatles, The Revolution Lounge is a psychedelic flashback to the 60s and 70s with a modern twist. Representing an aesthetic evolution, The Revolution Lounge is definitely hip with exceedingly high-tech touch tables allowing guests to entertain themselves while their doodles and messages are projected onto the walls around the club.

An evolutionary journey representing both the old and the new, the music is just as timeless as its décor and design. Oldies, classics, indie, alternative and contemporary….the Revolution Lounge is as intended, a constantly changing environment. A daringly bold statement on the Las Vegas nightlife scene, there is nothing subtle about the Revolution Lounge. It is in fact, just as it states, a “revolution”.

The Abbey Road Bar, located in front of the main entrance of REVOLUTION will be open from noon to 4 a.m. Seven Days a Week.

Revolution Lounge Opening Hours

The REVOLUTION Lounge is open Thursday – Monday