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Champagnes Cafe  

An authentic Las Vegas Bar

If you like your Las Vegas bars authentic, Champagne ‘s Café is just that. There are no gimmicks, no bar games, no shiny décor, no exotic cocktail menus. Champagne Café is a neighbourhood bar, nothing flashy just a place to chill with your friends.

If you need a brief escape from the glitz and glamour, crowds of people and neon rainbows, Champagne Café is a place to throw back a beer, talk about football and then head out to a cool Las Vegas club or back to a casino with your internal batteries fully charged. It may be a throwback to the Las Vegas of old but sometimes, it’s nice to taste a little history before diving in to all of the enticements of the modern.

Champagne’s Café Location

3557 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 737-1699