Great Value Things to do in Las Vegas At New Years

Are you looking for a fantastic time in Las Vegas in the New Year but not sure where to go or what to see? Of course the lure of the casinos will be powerful and you may want to feed a few slot machines and play the tables but if you’ve splashed out over the holidays, you’ll also need a few great value things to do. The great news is that Las Vegas has plenty so why not start the year as you mean to go on and explore Las Vegas, have fun and not break the bank?

There are a number of remarkable exhibitions on show in Las Vegas but one particularly worth seeing is Titanic at The Luxor. You wouldn’t expect to find pieces of the Titanic laying around the desert but in actual fact, they’re on permanent display, under the pyramid of the Luxor hotel. The spellbinding exhibition takes you on a journey from the construction of the Titanic to its first crossing of the Atlantic where it faced its tragic ending. The exhibition also includes recovered relics such as personal belongings of passengers and crew members of the ship, which were found over two miles beneath the Atlantic Ocean. To experience what it was like inside the Titanic, a full scale version of the Grand Staircase has been recreated for visitors and there is also a gigantic indoor iceberg that you can touch. It really is a worthwhile visit!

For those who are planning to visit Las Vegas with family, a trip to the Shark Reef Aquarium at the Mandalay Bay hotel is unmissable as it suits all ages. There you can expect to find a number of different sharks, along with endangered sea turtles, piranhas, golden crocodiles, jellyfish and many other fascinating sea creatures. Altogether, there are over 2000 animals to see at Shark Reef Aquarium, ensuring at least a tranquil few hours watching them around their massive tanks.

Going to Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to spend money on everything you see and do. If you take a stroll down the strip, you will come across the Bellagio hotel, where their enormous outdoor fountains will keep you entertained again and again.

The Bellagio fountains are choreographed to classic Vegas tunes such as ‘Hey Big Spender’. The fountains run every 30 minutes and are something which really shouldn’t be missed whilst in Vegas.

A visit to the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand is also a must see, especially as it’s free! You can expect to find these astonishing creatures in the heart of the hotel. Each day they are brought in for visitors to see them eat, play and groom themselves. It’s another attraction which is suitable and fun for all ages.

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