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KA by Cirque de Soleil

With a cast of 80 performers, Ka, the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show at MGM Grand, tells the tale of twins embarking on an adventure to change their destiny. With Capoeira dance, martial arts, puppetry and the troop’s trademark gravity-defying feats of aerial athleticism and acrobatics, KA is about both love and conflict.

With so many tricks, twists and turns up their sleeves, you’ll see but won’t believe what’s in front of your eyes – acts such as The Climb feature a rotating stage and artists falls of up to 60 feet, choreographed to follow the movement of the stage. In The Blizzard, they manually ascend 50 feet and in The Flight, the twins fly across the heads of the audience.

The elements, scenes and costumes in KA are inspired by cultures around the world and set to an evocative soundtrack.

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