Discover Food To Tempt Any Palette In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for many things; gambling, bright lights, luxury hotels and extravagance at every turn. It should come as no surprise, then, to learn that Vegas is fast becoming one of the the best ‘foodie’ destinations in the world, with a whole array of Michelin-starred restaurants and chefs. With specialty cuisines from every corner of the globe, there is something in Las Vegas for everyone where food is concerned, and catering to your taste buds’ every whim has never been so easy.

Brio Tuscan Grille is a fine Italian restaurant, serving traditional dishes such as Lasagna Bolognese al Forno and Margherita Flatbreads. The stunning interior is created to resemble a beautiful Tuscan villa in the middle of the North American desert. Food is freshly prepared from Brio’s own grounds with many organic and natural ingredients used in the preparation of their mouthwatering dishes. Thursday nights are Martini nights, where all Martinis cost just $5 , with other special offers on starters and appetizers throughout the week. For a little slice of “La Dolce Vita” without breaking the bank, Brio Tuscan Grille is ‘perfetto’.

For more traditional cuisine, Craftsteak is unbeatable. The brainchild of celebrity chef Tom Colicchio, this high-quality steakhouse showcases farm-fresh flavours with seasonal sides and a 200-bottle collection of premium scotches and whiskies. At between $75 and $100 dollars for a 3-course meal, Craftsteak is right at the top end of the pricing skills, but not without just cause. Situated in the MGM Grand Hotel, the signature dishes such as lobster bisque and braised short ribs will have anyone’s mouth watering sufficiently enough to reach for their credit card.

Some chefs have taken food preparation and turned it into an art form; one of these chefs being Devin Hashimoto, the head chef at Okada. The Japanese-style restaurant is surrounded by a shimmering waterfall and a lagoon, encouraging all customers and guests to enjoy a moment of Eastern tranquility in the middle of chaotic Vegas. Chefs prepare meals tableside as a performance, or at the Robatayaki bar food is grilled and served on skewers before your very eyes. A lively sushi bar completes the traditional feel, with both hot and cold plates available in an incredible diverse menu. With prices also hovering around $75 – $100 dollars, it is one of the more expensive restaurants in town, but for the tableside entertainment and the classic Japanese menu, it is worth it.

For those visiting Vegas on a budget, where better to dine than the famous Planet Hollywood? With extensive collections of Hollywood memorabilia to impress any film fan, Planet Hollywood’s iconic chain started in New York in 1991 and has spread throughout the country due to its popularity. Award-winning burgers, exotic salads, pizza, pasta, fajitas and more classic favorites make up the basis of the menu, with something everyone can enjoy. With meals estimated at around $25 dollars, it’s hard to go wrong at Planet Hollywood.

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