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Pocket Vegas Visitor Map and Guide provides all Las Vegas visitors with a comprehensive snapshot of the Las Vegas Strip and what it has to offer during your stay. Pocket Vegas is the ultimate guide to everything Las Vegas whether you’re on holiday, celebrating a special occassion such as a birthday or in town on business. Name it and you can do it in Vegas, squeezing it all in is the tricky bit. Snap up the hottest recommendations on where to stay, what to do and where to do it so that you can plan and book your ultimate Vegas trip day and night. The Pocket Vegas Visitor Savings Booklet also includes over $1100 dollars of instant savings in the form of Las Vegas coupons for the tourist to use. These offers are designed to provide you with superb value throughout your stay in Las Vegas and range from things to do in Vegas, Entertainment, Dining, Shopping and Nightlife!聽



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