Create New Christmas Traditions In Las Vegas

Christmas is a time filled with traditions, both personal and national; gift-giving, festive television specials, snow-filled days off and kisses under the mistletoe. But there are a growing number of people who wish to ensure that their festive seasons are memorable for other reasons. Practically known as a study in how enormous a holiday season can get, Las Vegas still follows regular Christmas traditions, albeit often in a different format. The famous Las Vegas Strip is filled with casinos trying to outdo one another’s Christmas decorations, much in the same way that neighbours in the suburbs might conduct a similar competition, and traditional turkey dinners will be served across all hotels and restaurants, but with the added option of being able to hit the roulette table immediately afterwards.

The price of a Christmas holiday to Sin City might be off-putting to some, but the festive season is a time for extravagance and luxury, and this can be achieved at a fraction of the price when making use of Las Vegas discount vouchers.  Simple savings such as transport, mealtimes and excursions can mean more money spent on the more indulgent aspects of a Vegas holiday, and will help to create one of the most memorable Christmases ever.

A Las Vegas discount coupon for the Monorail is one of the easiest ways to save money over the Christmas period. Travel up and down the Strip is available starting at just $20, with a 3-Day Unlimited Travel Pass seeing almost a 10% reduction in price. The quick and reliable transport method will be functioning on a normal schedule throughout the busy festive season, and is generally understood to be the most efficient way of getting around the metropolis.

Many choose to spend an evening in Vegas taking in a show; this is no different at Christmastime. Acts such as Donny and Marie Osmond, the Muppets, Cee-Lo Green and Andrea Bocelli will all be performing one-off Christmas shows this year, and there is good news for lovers of Motown: there are exclusive Las Vegas money-off vouchers available for Human Nature, recently voted ‘#1 Singers In Vegas’ in a LVRJ survey. The vouchers entitle holders to $10 off general admission and VIP tickets, so the entire party can get involved in a night of Motown music which is sure to include some unique festive favourites.

The act of gift-giving is one which could not be ignored in Vegas; home to some of the world’s largest and most abundant shopping malls, last-minute dashes around the shops to find the perfect gift can be made much more fun and budget-friendly with a Vegas money-off coupon. With more than $3,000 in total savings to be made, the vouchers can be used in shops and restaurants up and down the Miracle Mile, and feature incredible discounts and a number of free gifts when certain purchases are made.

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