Biggest Boxing Match In History Poised To Take Place At MGM Grand

One of the most hyped boxing matches in history may finally come to pass within the next twelve months, as experts speculate that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr will set a date to meet in early 2013. Representatives for the two boxers have been in talks about scheduling a fight since 2009, but scheduling conflicts and disagreements regarding doping proposals have resulted in the date continuously being pushed back. The fight, when it eventually takes place, will most likely be held in Las Vegas, the unofficial boxing capital of the world, but there have been numerous disputes that have so far prevented the clash from taking place.

One of the main disputes between the two boxers’ parties has been the issue of drug testing. The state of Nevada, where Las Vegas is situated, requires just one urine test before and after the fight, but Mayweather’s camp wish for Pacquiao to submit to Olympic-style testing, which could see the boxers tested on any given date before the fight. Pacquiao’s party claimed that they were worried about their fighter having blood taken too close to the fight, thus weakening him. Other stalling points have been a suspended prison sentence on Mayweather’s part, the percentage of profits going to each fighter and lastly, the location of the fight.

The proposed venue, the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, has been home to many of Mayweather’s fights. It has also hosted fights between some of the most famous boxers in history, including Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson and ‘The Greatest’ – Muhammad Ali. The boxing legacy of this venue is undeniable; it is steeped in history. The building, which also houses a hotel and a casino, seats up to 16,800 people; however, Pacquiao’s party are well aware of the potential profit to be made from this bout, and are proposing that the organisers look into building an outdoor arena specifically for the fight, which will allow up to 40,000 spectators to attend the event.

When the date is finally announced, there is likely to be a clamour for tickets, Las Vegas accommodation and flights to Sin City. Hotels and motels will be booked up, and Pacquiao and Mayweather supporters will flock to the city to enjoy what will be the climax of the respective fighters’ careers. The clash of epic proportions will attract fans from around the globe, and has the potential to be the biggest boxing match in history, cementing the status of the two boxers as two of the best there has ever been.

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