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Huge Caterpillar Bulldozers and Excavators await you in one of the most fun and memorable experiences Las Vegas has to offer. Under the watchful eye of our experienced instructors you will be successfully operating one of these yellow giants in less than 10 minutes through a course that will take you through a series of at least 3 activities where you will move mountains, stack monster rocks, dig huge holes, and so much more.

Dig This® is dedicated to providing an experience that will exceed your expectations and leave you with a lifetime memory.

Attention to detail, safety and quality customer service has been a result of 7 years of designing and planning experiences that are customer friendly and more importantly …Fun! The 3 main experiences are designed to suit your time and budget. There is no pressure to complete any activity and each participant is encouraged to work within their own comfort zone… even though they try to dig you out of it!

How it works:

1. Classroom Safety/Equipment Orientation. Following introductions, your instructor will review equipment safety and controls and will give a visual of the activities ahead. You will then be issued a Dig This hard hat and a very bright vest.

2. In-cab Orientation. Once you are comfortable and buckled up in your seat your instructor will go over all the controls in your cab.

3. Warm up. Your instructor will give you directions via a 2-way headset and talk you through a warm up activity so that you are orientated with all functions of the equipment.

4. The Big Dig Once you have completed the warm-up activity your instructor will begin the Big Dig. The first activity is a major dirt excavation exercise followed by 2 other above ground activities that will test your eye hand co-ordination and agility.

5. Award Ceremony Your excellence out in the field will be rewarded with an official Dig This Certificate of Accomplishment…..something that can be proudly displayed by your college degree or on your wall of fame! 6. Retail Therapy. There will be time to purchase Dig This® memorabilia and cool items from our Cat Gear Store.

Find the Dig This Las Vegas Heavy Equipment Playground™ 

Take Sahara Avenue to the I-15 Southbound Entrance / Ranch Road keeping right to enter the Rancho Road exit. Continue on Rancho Road keeping left until reaching 3012 S Rancho.

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