Vegas Bottle & Table Service

Add a VIP Edge To Your Vegas Club Experience With Bottle and Table Service

If you’re planning to hit a Las Vegas nightclub or two during your stay, and have a hankering to be treated like a VIP, booking a Las Vegas bottle service is an absolute must. Anyone who loves to party and plans on having a ball in Vegas should experience Vegas Bottle service at least once.

What Does Las Vegas Bottle Service Cost?

The actual price of Las Vegas bottle service varies from club to club, whether you’re planning your visit for a weekday or a weekend and whether it’s summer or ealier / later in the year.
Typically, the hottest Las Vegas clubs will charge around the same amount – from around $375 to $495 per bottle. Add to this tax, tip and the price of the table in the club. Many clubs, especially the biggest and best will stipulate a two bottle minimum or, one bottle for every three people in your party. Big clubs will expect a tip based on table location which may be called a service fee or table price. Don’t be surprised by this as it is standard in the busiest and hippest Las Vegas Clubs up and down the Strip.
To get a clear idea of the costs and help you with setting your budget for the big night, we have provided an example below:

Examples of costings for Las Vegas Bottle Service

Party size: A group of six
Number of bottles: 2 (there are approximatley 40 single measure drinks in two bottles)

For 2 x bottles + taxes + tip + table cost + VIP entrance = around $1400. This breaks down to $235 per person for the night, although the table cost will be lower per person if the group is bigger so there is some flexibility).

Remember that although $235 may be more than you’d budget for a big night out, the price includes all of your drinks, a table, the cover charge and the chance to be treated like a VIP in one of the coolest club scenes in the world. There’s no waiting in line outside the club either wasting hours of the night just trying to get in. If you book our VIP bottle service, your party’s host will collect you at the door and escort you inside, past the queue of people waiting to get in and straight to your table. There’ll be no waiting at the bar either which means your whole night can be spent dancing, drinking and enjoying the experience.

Some other benefits of a Vegas table service include:
• The chance to go behind the red rope and be treated like a VIP for the night. Your group will be treated with the utmost respect and importance. No waiting in line and VIP treatment throughout the night makes this service a great idea for a Las Vegas birthday celebration or other big night such as a Las Vegas bachelor party.

• When you’ve been shown to your table, a personal waitress will look after you for the evening, allowing you to sit back and relax while enjoying everything the club has to offer without once standing in line

• A table will be reserved for you throughout the night, giving you your own space to congregate. Equally, you can all go off to dance and come back knowing no-one has snapped up your seat in your absence

• If you’re a group of men, bottle service and a table will certainly attract the ladies! Entertaining at your table is welcomed.

Why Do You Need a VIP Vegas Specialist to Book Bottle Service?

Being a VIP is a big draw in Las Vegas and competiton for the best tables on the best nights is intense. Without exception, most nightclubs in Las Vegas overbook their tables. During high season (March to November), tables may be booked two or three times over. The best tables are usually reserved for VIP companies and clients that use the club on a regular basis throughout the year so if this is your first visit or you’re not a regular visitor, you may struggle to get Vegas bottle service without expert assistance.

Using our Vegas table service guarantees you a table and an extra special night with no waiting, no queuing and no worries. We promise to provide excellent VIP service and thanks to our existing relationships, can make your night less expensive than you may first think thank to great deals and free bottles. Keep in mind that the ‘table price’ also includes VIP hosted entry, making sure you never have to wait in line.