A Typical Day In Vegas

With so many incredible sights and attractions packed into one city, it can be difficult to know where to start when exploring the lavish and glamorous holiday destination that is Las Vegas. Famed for its world-class hotels, incredible restaurants, shopping malls, casinos and thrill-seeking excursions, many holidaymakers who choose to visit Sin City are simply spoilt for choice when it comes to planning their itinerary. This guide outlines a typical day in Las Vegas, including activities, transport, mealtimes and leisure time.

The first order of business is to arrange a method of transport which will allow tourists to make their way from one attraction to the next. The Monorail directly connects to many hotels on the Strip and has many trains shuttling back and forth every few minutes, so convenient transport is never more than a moment away. With an exclusive Las Vegas money-off coupon, an Unlimited 2-Day Pass for the Monorail is available for just $20, with 3-Day Passes available for $24; perfect for those who plan on enjoying everything the famous Las Vegas Strip has to offer.

Once the basic mode of transport is arranged, it’s time to get the adrenaline pumping with a trip to Las Vegas’ Indoor Skydiving Centre, where presenting a Las Vegas discount voucher on arrival entitles visitors to $5 off their flight. This simulated skydive experience takes place in a vertical wind tunnel, which replicates the feeling of falling through the air without the breath-taking height.

After the exhilaration and excitement of the skydiving experience, enjoy some retail therapy at Miracle Mile Shops, located in the heart of the Strip. With stores, restaurants and entertainment, there are a thousand ways to enjoy an afternoon, and with Las Vegas money-off deals, there are savings of all kinds to be made. Whether stocking up on gifts for loved ones at home, indulging in some luxurious treats or planning to lunch in one of the exclusive restaurants, the Miracle Mile is one of Vegas’ prime leisure destinations.

The evening is a perfect time to catch one of the many shows which take place in Vegas when the sun goes down. The Vegas discount vouchers from Pocket Vegas go one step further than just discount in the case of Jeff Civillico’s hilarious new comedy show, Comedy In Action. Four free tickets are available to claim for anyone who presents their voucher to the Imperial Palace Box Office, saving $38 per ticket. The show is billed as being fun for all ages, and with a blend of physical stunts and audience participation, it is fast becoming one of the best-loved shows in Vegas.


With nicknames such as Sin City and the Gambling and Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas has rightly developed a reputation for being a city of plenty. Lavish hotels, huge pools, Michelin-starred restaurants and casinos the size of football pitches fuel hedonistic nights of fun and indulgence, and Vegas has earned the right to be considered a five-star destination. But the five-star lifestyle doesn’t always mean five-star prices, especially not when utilising Las Vegas money off coupons. Here are some tips to enjoy an extravagant Vegas holiday without the costly price tag.

Showing up in Vegas and planning to go wherever the wind takes you is a fool’s errand; tourists who do this will end up sucked into an endless whirl of identical casinos and will miss the real hidden gems of the city. Conducting in-depth research into the sort of activities the holidaymaker would like to participate in is conducive to getting the best out of a vacation, and helps people to really make the most of their time in a destination. Once a basic itinerary is decided, visitors can then book in advance.

The rule of thumb generally states that the further in advance a booking is made, the better the deal will be. Hotels, shows, excursions and even restaurant tables are all oversubscribed in the busy city of Vegas, so booking early can confirm places and, most importantly, there is the possibility of discount. Many of these attractions, when booked in advance, accept Las Vegas discount vouchers which expire on a certain date and might not be accepted if they’re presented on the door.

As a result of thorough research and early bookings, creating a budget for spending money and luxuries is, in theory, very easy. The most difficult part will be sticking to it, especially in a city of plenty such as Vegas. Putting their last quarter of allocated casino money into a slot machine and walking out of the casino without any winnings can leave tourists feeling dissatisfied, but not as dissatisfied as they would feel if they had placed their entire holiday budget on ‘red’ only to see the ball land on black. To prevent overspending, leave credit cards in hotel safes and only remove the amount that is budgeted for that day; using Las Vegas discount coupons is also a great way to prevent overspending.

Although Vegas has gained a reputation for extravagance and high spending, there are plenty of free activities to take advantage of, which are achievable and enjoyable even without a Vegas discount voucher. The world-famous Bellagio fountains put on water and light shows throughout the evening, whilst the street performers in St Mark’s Square at The Venetian Hotel and Casino are a great way to enjoy an afternoon.

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