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If you鈥檝e been planning your vacation in Las Vegas with the help of Pocket Vegas Map and Guide, we hope you鈥檝e already got your hit list of top Las Vegas nightclubs and casinos, made reservations for a show and booked your VIP Las Vegas package to top off the trip. But, with all of the essentials in place, you鈥檒l also need some Las Vegas attractions on your list to while away the daytime hours.

Daytime activities often follow the more tranquil schedule of sitting by the pool soaking up the sun and getting in some well-deserved rest and relaxation. This being said, there is a plethora of alternative daytime and evening activities designed to keep you busy should you wish to try something a little different. Why not take time out and venture a little further afield before returning to Las Vegas for an evening stroll to take in the spectacular Bellagio fountains and sip a cocktail or two before dinner? 聽Here are our top tips for under the radar Las Vegas attractions

Death Valley National Monument

Despite being known as one of the most inhospitable areas in the US, Death Valley offers an impressive landscape. Salt basins, sand dunes and mountain ridges adorn this forbidding land. 聽Going there well deserves a visit to Death Valley Junction, an old mining town and Bad Water, the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, a reported 282 feet below sea level. Dante鈥檚 peak also offers a stunning vista of the entire valley. For a real feel of the outdoors there are plenty of walking tours on offer at the Furnace Creek Visitor鈥檚 Centre between the cooler months of November to April, however, visits to beautiful Scotty鈥檚 Castle hidden in the Grapevine canyon run all year round.

Hence the name, Death Valley gets extremely hot in the summer months but whatever the time of year, be sure to do your research before you go and ensure you are well stocked with water, some snacks for the road and a map.

Valley of Fire State Park

Open from dawn until dusk and for only $6 per vehicle, the famous Valley of Fire is Nevada鈥檚 oldest and largest state park and well worth a visit. Only 50 miles north and a one hour drive from Las Vegas, the Valley of Fire boasts an array of striking red sandstone formations. A haven for photographers and hikers be sure to visit Atlatl Rock, Arch Rock, Seven Sisters, the Cabins, White Domes and Mouse’s Tank. Visitors may be also be tempted by dip at Roger Springs, one of several hot springs in the Nevada area. The park includes a camping ground, picnic area and a Visitor鈥檚 Centre for more detailed information on available trails and rock climbing. All visitors are recommended to pass by the Visitor鈥檚 Centre before making their way into the park.

Grand Canyon

Believe it or not the Grand Canyon is easily within a day鈥檚 drive of Las Vegas. A breathtaking vista, the Grand Canyon is certainly worth an early morning start and a few hours spent on the road.聽 There are also plenty of activities available including horseback riding, hiking, rafting, guided visits to the Canyon Caverns and scenic airplane and helicopter tours when you get there. Why not make a stop also at the recently opened canyon skywalk at Grand Canyon West and then hit the historic route 66 on your way back to Las Vegas. You鈥檒l find details for a number of Grand Canyon trips on the Pocket Vegas website as well as discount codes and coupons.

For further Las Vegas attractions visit the attractions tab of Pocket Vegas Visitor Map and Guide online at

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