Vegas Pools

Tao Beach  

Experience A Las Vegas Pool Party at Tao Beach

If you’re more beach goer than city dweller, you’ll enjoy the best of both words at Tao beach pool party, a Balinese-inspired tropical paradise, nestled in the pool area of the Venetian hotel, right at the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.

Called one of the sexiest Las Vegas pool clubs by the New York Post, Tao Las Vegas is a mecca for celebrities and jet set sun worshippers alike. Exuding luxed sophistication, the Tao Beach Pool Party is THE place to see and be seen. There’s more to Tao than designer bikinis, big hair and bigger cocktails though – with infectious hip hop and floor fillers blasted out from the DJ with possibly the best seat in Vegas (centre-pool) dancing is the order of the day.

Fringed by 40 foot tall bamboo trees and cooled by chic concotions and signature beverages including a luscious Strawberry Mojito served up with premium ingredients and blended with luxurious licquors.

Open during the evening for special events and Sunday for the legendary Sunset Sessions you’ll want to break out your bikini or bather and reserve a luxury day bed or seriously loaded private cabana to chill out to the tunes of local, national and international house DJs. Saturday nights are also not to be missed with the doors to Tao nightclub thrown open, the pool area becomes an extension of the club with a pool light show and chinese lanterns flanked by columns of fire.

As well as plenty of day beds and lounges placed throughout the 18,000 desert paradise, 12 luxxury cabanas take exclusivity to a whole new level. Each one is kitted out with air conditioning, flat screen TVs, games consoles, internet connections, mini-barf, personal masseuse and even body misters if the sun starts to take its toll and a dip in one of the turquise pools seems like too much of an exertion.

After working up an appetite dancing and sunbathing, the Tao Asian Bistro offers a selection of restorative appetisers including delicate morsels of sushi and more substantial grilled dishes.

To get your hot ticket to Tao Beach Las Vegas Pool Party, simply go to the Kiosk opposite the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf store for a stamp and the take the elevator to the pool area. Walk through the pool area following the signs to Tao Beach in the back corner.


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