Vegas Pools

Palms Pool  

Discover Private Poolside Bungalows and 2 Acres of Pools at the Palms

With two acres of pools you can splash, swim and sun bathe in complete comfort and space all day long at The Palms hotel pool. Set amid the trio of towers that make up the hotel, the pool can host up to 3000 guests and invites you to enjoy concerts, live DJs and a sizzling party atmosphere until 5pm each day.

Three iconic bars surround the Palms pool deck – the glass bottomed Glass Bar, the Waterfall Bar snugly ensconced behind a 12-foot waterfall and The Entry Bar at the entrance to the pool area. If it’s shade you seek, a total of 27 poolside cabanas can be reserved for the day and is supplied with TV, fan, refrigerator and sound system to ensure your sun worshipping takes place in serious style.

Pool bungalows are also available for rent. Each one boasts two outdoor decks, a Jacuzzi, private bar and LCD TV.
Don’t miss Ditch, a premier Las Vegas pool party held here on Fridays throughout the summer.


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