Vegas Pools

Flamingo Pool  

Relax in a 15-acre pool area with cabana rental

The Flamingo boasts an expansive 15-acre pool area with luxury cabanas and personalized service for added luxury. The sheer size of the pool means it never appears over crowded, provding space to splash and swim yto your heart’s content. If you’re visiting Las Vegas with a young family, the Beach Club Pool is a chil-friendly environment complete with Beach Club Café serving up drinks and snacks – so convenient you don’t actually have to leave the pool area all day if you don’t want to. Waterslides also promise to keep the kids – young and old – entertained.

For more grown up poolside pleasures, the Flamingo hotel pool also offers cabana and daybed rental. Cabanas are provided with a complimentary bottle of liquor and mixes, as well as fresh fruit, comfortable seating, a TV, fridge and fan to help you cool off. A personal cocktail service and VIP host as well as rolled ice towels and water only serve to make you feel even more of a Vegas VIP.


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