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Ditch Fridays  


Ditch Your Other Plans At The Palms Pool Party

With two acres of pools and enough space to accommodate 3000 party goers, Ditch pool party at the Palms Hotel is open from 11am to dusk each day. As well as the acres of water, this lavish outdoor playground also offers up live Djs, and three bars including The Glass Bar, nestled below a glass bottomed pool. If your idea of scenery is more natural in nature, The Waterfall Bar sits hidden behind a cascading waterfall. The Entry Bar is at the entrance of the pool area making it an ideal pit stop before staking out a day bed or cabana for serious sun worship.

If a day bed or lounger isn’t your style, 27 cabanas make perfect poolside homes from home. Well suited to celebrating an occasion such as a Las Vegas birthday, each one is equipped with fan, safe, refrigerator, LCD TV and phone. There are also poolside bungalows with two outdoor decks and a private Jacuzzi if an extended stay or extra special celebration such as a 21st or 50th birthday party is on the cards. Bungalows feature king beds, private bars, plasma TVs and DVDs.