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Caesars Palace – Pools  

Which of the six Caesars Palace pools will you choose?

Six equally majestic pools make up the Caesars Palace pool complex, all named after Roman Gods and suitably impressive in their appeal. The largest of the six is the Garden of the Gods pool which leaves up to its deities with spacious surrounds and decadent cabanas. Open 8am to 8pm each day. With cabanas, chaise lounges and canopied day beds, the Apollo Pool is better suited to sun worship than actual swimming and has been purposefully positioned to the south in order to maximize tan time. The Fortuna Pool, the third of the Caesars pool complexes is a world away from the serenity of Apollo and Garden of the Gods with swim up blackjack, Sun Lounge bar and food service. If you prefer your pool time to be accompanied only by the sound of lapping water, the Jupiter Pool is relaxation personified. The crystal clear water is fringed by a selection of cabanas, day beds and lounges. The pool is located in a quiet corner of the Garden of the Gods. Neptune, the social center of Caesars’s pool complex is perfect if your planning to spend your day with a group of friends. Splash and mingle and then take to your cabana, day bed or lounge to take in the sun. Finally the Temple Pool surrounded by columns and statues offers the most majestic of surroundings – the generous sized pool is circled by a choice of day beds and cabanas.