Pocket Vegas Visitor Map and Guide Launches Online Store

Visitors planning a trip to the bright lights of Las Vegas can now order the Pocket Vegas Visitor Map & Guide and its famous Las Vegas Coupons savings book online. The site has launched a new online store to stock each issue as it’s published. Buyers are only required to pay shipping to their location in order to snap up each month’s selection hot off the press.

Available in hundreds of locations around Las Vegas including hotels, taxis and McCarran International Airport, Pocket Vegas Visitor Map & Guide is as indispensable as SPF. For those who like to plan in advance, ordering a copy before departure makes it easy to plan an itinerary, decide on what to do, what to see and where to go.

With over $1200 of savings in every addition, snapping up a pre-trip Las Vegas Coupons book also makes budgeting easy. With money off vouchers for sightseeing trips, top shows, popular bars and eateries, it pays to be prepared. Arriving with the map and hundreds of Las Vegas deals in hand also means every single minute can be enjoyed to the max.

Publisher Dusty Chambers said, “Before launching the store, we received thousands of requests from Pocket Vegas readers who wanted to be able to download each edition as it was printed. We were inundated with requests from those planning a trip who said how helpful it would be to buy the Pocket Vegas the map and Las Vegas savings books before their planned departure with hundreds of messages every day on the website and our Facebook page.

“In response to this demand, we have created the online store which is designed to make ordering quick and easy. And, with only the shipping to pay, savings start right away!”

As well as the Map and Pocket Vegas coupons book, there is also the option to order a copy of the Miracle Mile Shop Dine Save pamphlet which is packed full of offers, deals and discounts for locations within the Miracle Mile shopping mall. Each item can be shipped to the USA or UK.

For more information on Pocket Vegas and to order visit

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