Parties Fit For A Prince In Las Vegas

HRH Prince Harry may have been in for a royal dressing down after images of his Las Vegas exploits were beamed around the world, but the Nevada capital of cool has seen its tourist trade given a boost. A 30% spike in interest for holidays to Las Vegas was recently reported, compared to figures taken the week before the Prince took his holiday there. In the week leading up to the leaked online photos of Harry after losing a game of ‘strip billiards’, the young royal was seen enjoying drinks at various pool parties around the city, as well as seeing many of the sights that Las Vegas has to offer.

Many Brits are now seeking to emulate His Royal Highness’ trip, which was billed as ‘the road trip to end all road trips’ and which echoed the events of the recent hit movie The Hangover. However, without VIP access to every exclusive club, and without the name of the British Royal Family to back them up, many holidaymakers will be pondering how they can make their holiday just as eventful and lavish as the Prince’s. In fact there are numerous ways which a holiday fit for a Prince can be imitated; Vegas discount vouchers are available and can be used in dozens of the city’s finest attractions, from restaurants to thrill-seeking excursions, and from theatres shows to museums. These vouchers offer set discounts or percentages slashed from total prices to ensure that holidaymakers on the hunt for a party to rival Harry’s will certainly find what they are looking for in the self-proclaimed entertainment capital of the world.

The Wynn Encore Hotel, where Prince Harry reportedly stayed during his visit to Sin City, is just minutes away from the Imperial Palace resort, where visitors to the Human Nature show are entitled to $10 off on presentation of a Vegas discount coupon. Voted ‘#1 Singers In Vegas’, the Australian celebration of Motown sound provides the perfect down-time before a night out in Vegas’ most coveted clubs, and with acts such as Michael Jackson and Celine Dion giving Human Nature their seal of approval by inviting them on previous tours, their talent and showmanship is proven.

For a way to chase away a hangover after a night on the tiles, Vegas money-off vouchers are available to use on Adrenaline ATV Tours; perfect for Hangover-esque stag parties or groups looks to follow in the Prince’s adrenaline-seeking footsteps. The tours feature a quad bike ride through the Nevada desert, coming face to face with snakes, lizards and Big Horn sheep. The discount voucher entitles visitors to $20 off their tour, which means an extra $20 can be spent on Vegas’ extensive nightlife scene.

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