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The Bank  

Bank At The Bellagio

Exclusive and impressive, the Bank stands its ground amongst the many nightclubs of Las Vegas. Investing in the European style bottle service is definitely the way to go when spending a night at the Bank. Its legacy of incomparable customer service will ensure that you and your party are pampered all night long.

An impressive multi-tiered structure, the Bank is spacious without appearing overbearing and offers a comfortable setting with plenty of seating. The VIP section is on the middle tier overlooking the dance floor while booths located in a room off the main floor offer a romantic getaway for couples looking for more breathing space.

A dramatic entrance, the foyer sets the mood for the glamorous interior.

The dark yet opulent setting of the main room is ultimately sensual and exciting.

Ambient lighting sets the mood and the state-of the-art sound system sets the pace. Dress to impress and a night at the Bank is second to none. Open Thursday to Sunday from 10:30 pm to 4:00 am, The Bank is the height of the Las Vegas nightlife.


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