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Flirt with a drink at Rio All Suite

Fun, frolicking and plenty of flirting is the theme. Flirt is everything a woman could want in a girl’s night out. Created for women by women, Flirt is all about comfort while keeping the atmosphere laid back yet playful. The drinks menu is certainly one to be recommended with flamboyant mixes, champagne cocktails, flavored spirits and tropical juices served by good-looking men. The woman friendly and very welcomed “Gossip Pit” bathroom entertains special features such as well-lit make over stations and luxurious seating. More than just a bathroom, the Gossip Pit plays to a woman’s undeniable love for a good gossip and the Gossip Pit is all conducive to a good catch up chat. The plasma screens showing parts of the Chippendale show and some tasty pictures of the “boys” are sure to get the conversation flowing.

The comfy curved seating is tasteful and stylish, providing intimate spaces for conversation and the staff are as much entertaining eye candy as they are bartenders. They are also extremely chivalrous to boot. Gathering heat after a hot and steamy Chippendales show, the energy at Flirt is high. Definitely dress to impress, as you never know when the Chippendale cast will come in and join the conversation.