Vegas Nightlife

Eyecandy featured


Eyecandy is admittedly different. A striking fusion of high-end technology with striking décor makes Eyecandy a modern twist in the Las Vegas cocktail of specialty nightlife. Chic and modern, Eyecandy promotes interactive touch tables where visitors can control their own visual and audio experience, Interactive floor tiles and accessible camera feeds from around the club is the very essence of Eyecandy. If the element of surprise hasn’t descended on you just yet then Interactive I-pods are the wow factor you may be looking for. Allowing you to send your own personal music selection for the DJ to incorporate (or reject if your taste in music is really “out there”). An unmatched sensory experience, Eyecandy is definitely worth a visit.

The Eyecandy bar is open from 11:00 until late and the Eyecandy sound lounge, from 6pm until late. With no cover charge, Eyecandy is a revolution in nightlife soirees….a sure highlight on any astute Las Vegas nightlife list.