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Learn Burlesque Dancing in Las Vegas

A 75 minute class complete with creative showgirl choreography and make-up tips, the XBU divulges the art that goes into becoming a Las Vegas showgirl. Could this be your dream job and you are looking for some helpful hints, are you looking for some sexy secrets to glam up your make-up routine, or are you the simply curious “how do they do it” kind of a gal and looking to do something really diverse with your stay in Vegas? Well, XBU delves into the art, time and patience behind the make-up and the wardrobe. Learning “X” rated choreography on the actual X-Burlesque stage at the Flamingo and learning to apply showgirl make-up with the same X-Burlesque performers will proudly leave you with a whole new skill set and XBU diploma. It’s the perfect way to start a Las Vegas bachelorette party!

Classes daily at 3pm in the X Showroom
• Learn Showgirl choreography on stage straight from one of the fabulous X girls
• Lesson on how to apply Showgirl make-up with complimentary make-up kit
• Professional souvenir photo
• XBU diploma

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