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Feel The Effect of Zero Gravity

An awe-inspiring Las Vegas attraction since 2007, Zero G offers you the chance to fly without the strings of gravity pulling you back to earth and experience first hand what life is like in space! Make like an astronaut on this special flight which takes off from McCarran International Airport and has played host to celebrities such as Stephen Hawing.

The experience takes place aboard a specially modified Boeing 727 which allows passengers to experience 30 second shots of weightlessness. Float around as if you were on the International Space Station, cushioned by a type of white padding that will make the bump as you come back down to earth a lot smoother. The back of the plane looks like a regulation-issue Boeing but the big empty space at the front promises something altogether more special.

Every passenger taking part in this thrilling Las Vegas attraction is issued a regulation flight suit (yours to keep) which is your personal uniform to fabulousness. Each weightless experience (called a parabola) is designed to simulate different space conditions such as your weight on the moon and on Mars.

Tasks are set during the flight to add an even greater level of interest and a photographer is onboard to capture the whole thing on film for a lasting souvenir of the experience.

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