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Release your speed freak at Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

Speed demons get a hall pass at the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix which boasts a number of different types of go karts, just begging you to pit your driver’s credentials against those of your friends and relatives. A perfect place for a kid’s birthday party in Las Vegas should the date coincide with your trip, it’s also adult-friendly. If you’re nervous about crashing or just want to assure a fair fight, the Sprint Karts are programmed to slow the whole field down if anyone spins off track until all wheels are once again pointing in the right direction. Over 16s can run time trial tests too to better their own lap times – a bit like a qualifying session in Nascar or a Grand Prix without the inconvenience of other drivers. There’s also good, picnic benches and an arcade. Kiddie cars are available for under 5s.

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix Location

1401 N. Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 259-7000

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